Nuun Performance Drink Mix

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Nuun Performance Drink Mix


Drink during intense or long workouts (>90 minutes) to stay hydrated and perform your best. The 12 sachet tray contains 12 individually wrapped servings for use on the go. store performance at or below 80f and please be sure to re-seal the bulk bags properly after use. given the purity of the ingredients and powder form, clumping sometimes occurs when the bag is exposed to heat or humidity. this does not reduce the effectiveness or flavor of the product - it's natural and harmless. once mixed, it will taste and perform the same.

Product Details

Benefits Include:

  • Precise combination of electrolyte + carbohydrate ingredients, in quantities to be fully absorbed, for improved hydration and reduced stomach distress vs leading sports drinks
  • Nuun performance uses only clean ingredients, such as dried fruit powder, not fruit flavor + fillers. certified non-gmo
  • Powder form allows you to make exactly as much as you need each time


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