Goodr EMOM (Envy My Octopus Muscles)

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Goodr EMOM (Envy My Octopus Muscles)

Unisex Accessories

What's an octopus muscle? It's muscle that's so strong it doesn't need a skeleton (true story, wiki muscular hydrostat). So the next time an octopus asks, "Do you even lift, bro?", you should back off while using these red and blue shades to avoid eye-contact. Just take out that aggression on some clown fish. With wider frames, longer arms, and bigger lenses than our OGs, these babies are designed to complement and fit runners with larger melons.

Product Details

Benefits Include:

  • A larger frame size with more lens coverage for all you beasts with gargantuan craniums the size of sputnik.
  • Lighter and more durable frame material that eliminates bouncing even with a bigger frame.
  • Glare-reducing, polarized lenses and UV400 protection that blocks 100% of those harmful UVA and UVB rays, plus lenses that are dark up top and light on bottom protect your eyes without losing the ability to view hazards in the shadows.


  • Style: BFG-RD-LB1


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