Addaday IRONMAN BioChair

Addaday IRONMAN BioChair

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Addaday IRONMAN BioChair

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The Addaday IRONMAN BioChair is more than a massage chair, it is a Total Body Recovery System. With BioScan Technology, the IRONMAN BioChair scans your body, mapping your spinal curvature to get to know your body before each treatment session. Taking care of you from head to toe with graded air compression, zero gravity inversion and targeted rollers, the IRONMAN BioChair allows you to sit down, relax and recover after a hard training session or competition. It is this speci city and attention to you, that allows you to experience a full body massage tailored to your needs in the comfort of your own home.

Product Details

Main Benefits Include:

    • Issue: Swollen Feet and Legs
    • How: Dynamic Compression is designed to start at the feet and work up to the knees, pushing in ammation up through the hips and back into the circulatory system.

    • Issue: Body Pain c

      aused by Prolonged Sitting
    • How: Airbags squeeze the hips, shoulders, legs and feet, as the foot rest pulls and stretches the user’s body to release both stress and tightness.

    • Issue: Lack of Time 

      to Recover Properly
    • How: The IRONMAN BioChair allows you to relax both body and mind in the comfort of your own home. Total body recovery is achieved in just 30 minutes.

Further Highlights

  • BioScan Technology
    • Therapists rely on their hands to feel the curvature and subtleties in the spine. Addaday’s BioScan technology allows the BioChair to do the same, while the user is sitting in the chair. Once the scan is complete, personalized tissue work begins.
  • Heat
    • Heat dilates blood vessels thereby increasing blood ow to the affected tissues. The influx of nutrient and oxygen rich blood allows for accelerated healing. Great for Sprains and Strains, Muscle Knots and Fascial Adhesions.
  • Traction and Stretching for Spinal Decompression
    • Gentle pumping traction of the hips and legs decompresses the spine allowing for spinal disc healing and recovery. Great for Herniated Discs, Facet Syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease, Degenerative Joint Disease, and tightness of the hip and low back.
  • Foot Massage
    • Foot Massage promotes sleep and helps with relaxation, reducing pain, and elevating mood. Great for those on their feet all day long, athletes and on-the-go moms.
  • Bluetooth Speakers
    • Mental recovery is as important as physical recovery. Music is key to mental relaxation. Play your favorite playlist to relax, while enjoying a full body massage. Great for those with high stress or those who have dif culty sleeping and relaxing.
  • Zero Gravity
    • The Zero Gravity angle decompresses the spine and elevates the feet and legs above the heart, allowing the ow of edema and swelling from the lower body back to the heart. Great for those who suffer with Herniated Discs, Degenerative Joint Disease, and tightness of the hip and low back.
  • Compression
    • Dynamic Compression simulates the natural pumping mechanism of muscles against veins, which ushes metabolic waste products such as: Lactic Acid, Carbon Dioxide, and Ammonia. Great for chronic swelling caused by Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, exercise and travel.
  • Multiple Massage Modes
    • With multiple massage modes, you can completely personalize your recovery program based on your preferences and comfort.
  • Interactive Touch Screen Remote
    • Having control of your recovery starts in the palm of your hand with an interactive and intuitive touch screen remote.

Doctor Approved

Dr. Mike Venezia, DC. is a specialist in myofascial and soft tissue therapy. He is also the on-hand doctor at Addaday, where we have a full library of instructional videos. Dr. Mike has worked extensively with the Los Angeles Dodgers, LA Kings and Lakers as a consultant and as a chiropractic physician. He has also lectured and taught throughout the US and around the world, on new techniques and procedures to accelerate and manipulate soft tissue healing and recovery.

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