Addaday Oscillator Pro

Addaday Oscillator Pro

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Addaday Oscillator Pro

Unisex Accessories

Roll on it or rest on it, the path to ultimate relaxation is here The Oscillator Pro can be used in resting or active states while this variable speed massager has a powerful motor that provides oscillating action and vibration therapy. Turn the Oscillator Pro on and rest your back on it. Use to roll out your legs with or without oscillation. Turn any seat into a massage chair and actively roll out, or sit back and relax: the choice is yours!

Product Details

Benefits Include:

  • Speed  
    • First mode: around 1200/minute
    • Second mode: around 2400/minute
    • Third: around 4000/minute.
  • Charging time: 3 hours; Battery life: 1- 3 hours; 3-speed motor
  • Use time after charged
    • First mode: around 3 hours
    • Second mode: around 2 hours
    • Third: around 1 hours


  • Style: OSCPRO