A game-changing tool has arrived for athletic recovery - previously only reserved for PT practices and rehabilitation. Enter the Theragun, designed by a chiropractor with a mission to keep us all moving. The Theragun G3PRO, LIV, and G3 models offer - a ‘high-frequency, high-amplitude neuromuscular percussive therapy device’

Say, what?  

Between you and your sore muscles, Theragun is a deep-tissue massage tool that helps muscles and physical health in several ways.  

1) Activate muscles prior to activity.
2) Provide muscular activation post-activity to aid recovery.
3) Offer pain relief and stiffness.

    Anyone who’s experienced the towel-biting joy of a deep-tissue massage will be excited to know the Theragun can achieve the same results but with less pain and pressure due to the speed (frequency) of the G3PRO, LIV and G3 models.  

    Similar to deep-tissue massage, the vibrating treatment of the Theragun is beneficial to athletes on so many levels increasing blood and lymphatic flow, breaking up scar tissue, prevents the build up of post exercise toxins while activating and resetting the nervous system.  

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