Goodr Gold Medals For A JackRabbit Sunglasses

Goodr Gold Medals For A JackRabbit Sunglasses

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Goodr Gold Medals For A JackRabbit Sunglasses

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We believe that winning isn't everything, but every runner should feel like a winner. Inspirational, right? That's why we partnered with Goodr to make these extra-special JackRabbit sunglasses. They are guaranteed to make you run faster and look much better than some old gold medal around your neck would. I mean seriously, who wants to wear a heavy medal when you can look cooler than your friends? You try protecting your eyes with a gold medal, see how that goes. With Goodr's technology that prevents slip and bounce while giving you polarized, high quality sunglasses in a cheap package, these are the only gold medals you need to feel great and run fast. 

Exclusively available only at JackRabbit!

Product Details

Benefits Include:

  • Lens are polarized with UV400 protection
  • PC frame with grip coating
  • Weight is 22 grams
  • JackRabbit logo on the inside arm and upper right lens


  • Style: JR-YELLOW