Gu Roctane Energy Gel - Cold Brew Coffee

Gu Roctane Energy Gel - Cold Brew Coffee

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Gu Roctane Energy Gel - Cold Brew Coffee

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Created for demanding training and racing, Roctane Energy Gel packs more of the good stuff in the same 100 calorie packet as the original GU Energy Gel: more sodium to aid in hydration, and more amino acids to reduce mental fatigue and help promote muscle repair.

Now available in this special Cold Brew Coffee flavor to get you out the door and across the finish line.

Product Details

Benefits Include:

  • Dual source carbs for faster and lasting energy
  • Packed with electrolytes to help maintain water balance
  • Boosted amino acids to reduce muscle damage
  • Primary caffeine benefits: For athletes, caffeine is more than just a morning pick-me-up. Strategically adding caffeine to your nutrition plan before and during exercise can help keep your mind sharp, decrease perceived effort, boost your endurance, and delay fatigue
  • Flavor description:
    • Cold Brew Coffee, the newest addition to the ROCTANE Energy Gel line, packs in 70mg of caffeine (which is double the amount in other caffeinated Roctane Energy Gels) along with the electrolytes and amino acids delivered by all Roctane Energy Gels.
    • Cold Brew Coffee ROCTANE Energy Gel delivers the bitter yet smooth taste you expect from a refreshing cup of cold brew coffee.
    • As with all our Energy Gels, we recommend eating one five minutes before you start and every 45 minutes along the way. (To avoid over loading on caffeine, we recommend limiting your daily consumption to five Cold Brew Coffee Roctane Energy Gels per day.)


    • Style: 124612-BOX