Honey Stinger Energy Gel

Honey Stinger Energy Gel

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Honey Stinger Classic Energy Gel


Get buzzin' on your bicycle with Honey Stinger's Classic Energy Gel made with pure honey. This versatile pocket of energy is packed with sodium, potassium and B complex vitamins to aid fat and protein absorption, breakdown carbs and provide maximum energy output with full recovery.

Features Include:

      • 120 calories per single serving.
      • All natural source of carbohydrates and antioxidants.
      • Contains Vitamin B complex, which supports the absorption of proteins and fats and the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose.
      • Contains Sodium and Potassium, essential electrolytes that need replacement during activity.
      • Gluten-free.
      • 24 individual 34g (1.2 ounce) gels.