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Now it its third edition, the On Cloudflow is a lightweight, low-to-the-ground neutral training shoe designed for efficient, quick-cadence running. It’s built with On’s Cloud cushioning technology and features a semi-firm plate embedded in the midsole that loads each stride with shock-absorbing cushioning and a jolt of energy for a smooth, snappy ride. On Cloudflow Review


The biggest updates to the On Cloudflow are a better-fitting heel cup and new engineered mesh upper made from 70 percent recycled materials. The ultralight Helion midsole superfoam provides a fast, responsive feeling with fully cushioned road protection and exceptional durability. Unlike some midsole materials that falter in hot or cold weather, the Helion cushioning performs equally as well in all temperatures without losing its performance qualities. The heel cup has been improved to make the rearfoot fit feel more precise and locked down. It gives the Cloudflow a reassuringly secure sensation that contributes to its performance-oriented agility, especially when cornering or running hills at faster speeds. With small sections of grippy rubber and an enhanced traction pattern on the bottom of most of the Cloud pods, the Cloudflow’s outsole serves up exceptional hold for agile and reliable road running. Although a few pods have exposed foam facing the ground, it doesn’t affect the long-timer durability or performance of the shoe.


The Cloudflow fits true to size with a medium-volume interior, an improved fit in the heel, a secure connection at the arch/saddle area and just enough wiggle room in the forefoot. When you step into these shoes and lace them up, you’ll feel a unique sensation of comfort and precision that comes from the cleanly designed upper and soft but spartan interior that securely holds your feet in place. The ride is moderately soft and buttery smooth, with an easy-flexing demeanor that’s energized by the semi-firm polypropylene Speedboard embedded in the midsole. It’s not an overly cushy ride compared to other shoes, but it’s soft enough to reduce the impacts of the ground while also promoting efficient running form.


Runners who prefer a moderate level of cushioning with an intuitive feel for the ground will love the new Cloudflow. Its lightweight, energetic and agile vibe is ideal for all types of up-tempo running, including fartlek workouts, interval sessions and short-distance racing. Although it’s best for shorter and faster running, it could serve as a long-run shoe or everyday trainer for runners who are light on their feet and appreciate a proprioceptive connection to the ground.


On’s Cloud cushioning technology is the most unique midsole configuration in the running shoe industry. It’s comprised of 18 individually shaped CloudTec pods under each foot that offer a high level of cushioning and responsiveness while allowing your feet to roll naturally and consistently from heel to toe. The cleanly designed engineered mesh upper not only creates a more streamlined look, but it offers seamless comfort and connectivity at higher speeds. Plus, the Cloudflow makes a strong environmental statement, given that the upper is made of 70 percent polyester content and the overall composition is comprised of 20 percent recycled material. The clean, almost artful design of the Cloudflow creates amazing aesthetic appeal. The look, feel and comfort make it one of those shoes you want to wear when you’re not running. On Cloudflow Review


The Cloudflow doesn’t have the depth or soft bounciness of some other training shoes available at JackRabbit.com. If you don’t like a shoe with a low-to-the-ground, semi-firm feeling, consider the On Cloud X for a more cushioned ride.


On Cloudflow Review


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