Melanie Mitchell | March 27, 2018

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Staff Picks

Want to experience Altra Zero Drop™ in person?

Altra Running Shoes

Altra Running quickly established itself as a leader in the zero-drop show category and took the lead amongst the best trail running shoes for distance runners. The term zero-drop means there is a zero measured drop from the heel cushioning to the forefoot. Traditional running shoes often used a 2-1 ratio, meaning that if they had 24mm in the heel they would have 12mm in the forefoot. Other shoes can have a range from 2mm to a 12mm drop. All Altra shoes, regardless of cushioning level, have a balanced ZeroDrop platform to promote a more even and less harsh bent knee landing.

Altra Running is leading the way in helping runners to avoid injury by educating on efficient, low-impact running techniques to employ while wearing any running shoe.

Shop for the newest footwear and apparel from Altra. Featuring men's & women’s running and training shoes for marathons, road running, trail running, gym, cross-training, track & field, cross country & racing. Get ready for your next training session by choosing from great Altra footwear styles such as Altra Solstice, Altra Superior, Altra Escalante, Altra Torin, and Altra Timp, among many other great choices!

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