Great American Running Shops

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Blue Mile Broad Ripple

Rogue Running retail opened in 2008 and has supported Rogue Running runners since with the expertise of the equipment necessary for our runners to thrive.

We not only have the facilities capable of housing the community for events, but we have community figures dedicating towards giving our community the energy and direction necessary to create such a large and growing community. Running running training trains 800 plus runners a year for various goals from 1 mile to 100 Miles and each one of those runners walks through our retail doors.

We are in an open business park with 4 other relevant businesses that create the one stop for active lifestyle concept also known as the 410 Speedshop. We have the premier Aust Crossfit gym in town, an awesome sports medicine clinic that specializes in gait analysis, the run training programs, and a coffee shop that we share space and are partnered with.

To top it all off, the individuals who are part of our community are filled with passion for running and we give them a unique space to express that.


Blue Mile Broad Ripple

Garry Gribble’s Running Sports is getting ready to celebrate 10 years of serving its community in beautiful downtown Lawrence, Kansas. The store has made its home in a historical brick building along Massachusetts Street in the heart of downtown since August 2008.

GGRS is a cheerleader of promoting health throughout the city of Lawrence. Over the years, the store has held and supported numerous group runs/walks, races and clinics on general health topics for Lawrence. Our store is more than a running store, we’re a community. We see everyone who needs help-walkers, runners, people that are on their feet all day, people who have foot injuries. Once they walk through our doors, they become part of our family!

Our fun run/walk has grown to be one of the most supportive and encouraging groups ever. Members of our tribe meet at the store every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. to join us for another amazing week running and walking. All paces are welcome and we have all paces! We have two-year olds and 78-year olds. We have walkers, run walkers and runners. We love seeing every tribe members journey as they grow each week and accomplish their goals!

Running Fit Ann Arbor

Since it's inception in 1984, Running Fit in downtown Ann Arbor has been very involved with community. From the beginning, we have always offered group runs, training programs, fitness walking, form clinics for all ability levels and more! Running Fit's mission is to involve all members of the community in running and fitness. Like our name states.
Along their journey, founders Randy Step and Steve Angerman shared their passion, experience and knowledge through the store and creating: trail races, triathlons, relays, marathons, and ultras. Promoting Running Fit and serve the community; these continue living on today through our sister company RFevents. Additionally, from the early 90’s into today, Running Fit is at the forefront of using medical referrals to connect customers seeking to get fit and remain fit with the right information, solutions, and clinics through our established relationships in the wellness & medical community.
With business growing rapidly, Running Fit stores started popping up throughout Michigan, with 7 location today. Randy and Steve joined the JackRabbit family in 2014 and are both still active in putting on events and sharing their time as ambassadors for Running Fit. Taking pride as Running Fit supports community and our local runners!
Downtown Ann Arbor, the home of Running Fit.
Get Out and Run!

Blue Mile Broad Ripple

In 1995 Mark Plaatjes, a world marathon champion, and Johnny Halberstadt opened the great Boulder Running Company in Boulder and the store became known for its expertise. It was the first running store to ever use video gait analysis technology. Outside of expertise BRC was a major player in local events and was seen as a place where "everybody knew your name"... just not as much beer asCheers.

After Jackrabbit acquired BRC, we implemented better buying centralization, scale of purchase, and overall more support to make the store a more cohesive engaging destination. The road was rocky initially with the folks of Boulder voicing their hesitation for a corporation to come and take their local store away, but their store was in great hands!

Our leadership team empowered the staff to be a fixture, a massive role in the running community and to take the benefits of having more support into their activations all over the city.

We are now more than ever a part of the Boulder running community and look to have our hands in that pot in every way! Over half of the staff here are competitive post-collegiate runners who train here and race for multiple teams through the city.

We have fervent trail runners and adventurers out on the trails daily as ambassadors for the Jackrabbit brand and Boulder running. We also have guys who do yoga, hot barre, cross-fit as part of their running journey. We are enthusiasts in many different ways with a massive love of sharing knowledge on how to enjoy our sports safely. Whether its an Outdoor Magazine photo shoot or a weekly fun run we are in it and love being there!

Our store is unique because we have the richest diversity of product around that lets us serve our customers in the highest levels. We have premium goods, expert staff, superior promotions and a passion for making people happy doing their thing!

Also having a coffee/beer bar and in-store couches don't make it too hard to enjoy your next shoe purchase!!

Blue Mile Broad Ripple

JackRabbit O'Bryonville was there at the beginning of the running community in the Greater Cincinnati area. We have been open since 1981 and have been finding the right shoes for runners every since!

The store is a vibrant part of our running community because we care about running and we share that passion every time the store doors open! We go the extra mile to make sure that every runner and walker receives the best service while in our doors.

We are always excited to support and take part at local races around town (big and small!), and always looking for new and creative ways to serve our running community within our store and outside in the community.

What makes our store unique are our employees and our passion to share our knowledge on what a difference a well-fitted running shoe can make to an athlete of any level. Some people are intimidated by running specialty because they think it is all elite runners, not here!  We service everyone and offer as much support and help to those starting out to a marathon runner with a PR goal.

We are all runners in one way or another and we show that every day to each person we welcome through our door.

Blue Mile Broad Ripple

The JackRabbit located in Providence, R.I is nestled in the Wayland historic district of the city, surrounded by over 700 historic buildings bounded by the infamous Blackstone Boulevard and India Point Park.

Most of the area was constructed after the civil war and has been growing since. Jackrabbit is still considered a new addition to the area, but we’ve been here for approximately 3 years already!  Although we might be the ‘new kids on the block’, we have a large footprint in our running community. We are centrally located in the heart of Wayland square where most locals take to the streets to train for upcoming races.

The Blackstone Boulevard is a 1.6 mile, wide median bordered by two roads with a bike path on both sides where we host our weekly group run on Thursday nights. You will find all types of runners, cyclists, and families enjoying the scenery and all of the activities here on a daily basis. It’s the heart of our running tribe!

We love being part of the local energy that surrounds our store. During the Spring/Summer months, the community gets together on the weekends and hosts a farmer's market/local business fair.  Here you will find local produce, food trucks, and activities for everyone to enjoy. Just less than a mile south from the store is India Point Park, which connects the west side to the east side of Providence and is another great classic spot for run.

Blue Mile Broad Ripple

Run On by Jack Rabbit Fort Worth opened in February 2018, expanding the Run On name to the area. We're located in Montgomery Plaza located on W. 7th Street, just west of downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Featuring a large retail space, Run On is sized enough so we can offer a full and broad assortment of running and training footwear, apparel and accessories to support runners from their first pair of shoes to their next marathon PR!

And, with over 23 years in the running industry, we are known for our excellent customer service and we're lucky to employ some of the very best and most knowledgeable runners in town. Whether you're a long time veteran of the sport or just standing all day for work there's always something new to discover about the latest footwear that we carry in Fort Worth.

We are always mindful of our role to support and be a positive influence on the active community of Fort Worth by giving back whenever we can. We are sponsors for a number of local races and events and are proud to host a speaker series, in which various professionals from the industry offer seminars on myraid topics.

Throughout the year we are the local hub for race packet pickups, special speakers, training classes and group runs.  We are proud of our store and proud of all we are able to do for the local Texas running community.

Blue Mile Broad Ripple

The Blue Mile stores have a history that runs deep in Indianapolis: founded in 2000 (then as The Running Company) by U.S. Olympian and American Record Holder Bob Kennedy, the Broad Ripple store was the original location of the many running specialty stores around Indianapolis.

In 2010 the stores rebranded and expanded under the name Blue Mile after partnering with prominent road racer Ashley Johnson. Known as an information and event hub for the running community, the Broad Ripple Blue Mile has been a stalwart of knowledge and service.

As the community of Indianapolis has exploded into a running hub of the MidWest, the store has continued a tradition of in- and out-of-store events that promote active lifestyles for the city’s residents. Blue Mile Broad Ripple is the heart at the center of the Indianapolis running community, pumping runners and walkers right out of its doors and on to the historic Monon Trail that runs the length of the city.

Blue Mile Broad Ripple

For 20 years, Princeton Running Company has been defined by our group runs, our town, and our team.Every Thursday since 1997, runners have filtered into the door at Princeton Running Company around 6pm for our group run. Thousands have participated though the years, from elite runners aiming to win marathons to runners needing guidance for their first 5k, we’ve even jumped into a run with a US Senator. The people who run with us & the customers who have chosen us have made the store what it is, we take our inspiration from them everyday.

The town of Princeton has had a starring role in our story. On some weeks we’ll run on the D&R Canal Towpath, other weeks we hop over rocks & roots in the Mountain Lakes Preserve. We aim to keep things fresh and to show people parts of Princeton that you might not see at first glance. Princeton is one of the best running destinations in the country. Miles of trails and countless acres of preserved farmland make the town perfect for training for races like the New York Marathon, Boston Marathon, or our favorite race here at the store, the Princeton Half Marathon. We have binders full of running routes to suggest to anyone looking for ideas.

Our store team is driven by passion for running and sharing that passion with anyone who comes through our doors. We aim to constantly learn, improve, and be better than we were yesterday. We’re proud to have served Princeton for 20 years and look forward to being a part of the community for decades more to come.

Blue Mile Broad Ripple

Capital RunWalk started in 1994 as one of Raleigh’s original running stores. For over 24 years, Capital RunWalk has proudly served as a leader in Raleigh’s running community.

From sponsoring local races, providing training programs for beginner runners and hosting weekly fun runs, Capital RunWalk strives to make a positive impact on the local running community we so enjoy being a part of.  Located in the heart of Raleigh, Capital RunWalk is uniquely situated within close proximity to multiple greenway access points, following 100+ miles of paved greenway.

Where we are situated in the The Cameron Village shopping center brings a large variety of people to the store, not just your traditional road runners, but also the next generation of modern runners, gym goers, soccer moms and walkers.  Our goal as the local running hub, is to make sure every pair of feet that comes through our door is fitted with the best shoe for them and their activity with maybe a little dose of extra motivation along the way to add a spring to their step.