JackRabbit Exclusive Launch of the Brand New Hoka One One Clayton

Alex Ranton | February 10, 2016

The brand new launch of the Hoka One One Clayton will bring runners a combination of attributes in a running shoe that is very hard to find anywhere on the market.  The Clayton is lightweight, well-cushioned, and fast.  By blending two different types(RMAT and EVA foam) of cushioning material, Hoka One One was able to keep to their style of maximum cushioning, yet keeping the shoe lightweight.  The Clayton brings a much firmer feel under the forefoot to help runners looking to get more responsiveness out of their shoes. 

Why You Will Love the Hoka One One Clayton

1. Combination of Cushioning, Lightweight, and Responsiveness - The Clayton is a unique shoe in that it combines Hoka's trademark high level of cushioning with an ultralight and fast, responsive midsole.  From the first step, the Clayton feels like a shoe that you will want to run fast in, all while offering the protection and shock absorption that Hoka One One has become so well known for.  This is Hoka's first speed focused shoe, and the firm and responsive cushioning in the forefoot certainly do the trick.  Lace up the Clayton for long runs, tempos, track workouts, or even road races and you will not be disappointed!

2. Steamlined Fit in the Upper - When looking for your Go-To shoe for faster runs, the fit is always one of the most important characteristics. The upper of the Clayton definitey does not disappoint.  From the moment you slip it on your foot until the last mile of your long run, the Clayton will give a snug and secure fit through the heel and arch, yet will not constrict or pinch your foot at any of the usual pressure points in the forefoot.

3. Stabilty for Multiple Foot Types - Hoka's "Active Foot Frame" construction allows the foot to sit lower in the shoe, which allows for more inherent stability no matter whether you pronate or supinate.  That way you don't have to worry about how your foot is moving in the shoe, but instead just focus on setting Personal Records!

4. Great Look - Everyone knows you have to look fast to run fast! This shoe meets that requirement.  Offering a great color in both men's and women's, the Clayton will make you feel just as fast as one of the many Hoka sponsored sub-4:00 milers that run a large percentage of their training mileage in this shoe.

5. You Can Be the First to Wear It - JackRabbit is excited to be partnering with Hoka One One in order to be the exclusive dealer of the Clayton from March 8th until March 25th.  You can get the Clayton at JackRabbit alone both in store and on JackRabbit.com.  By shopping with us, you can be the first on your team to be cruising through workouts in the Clayton!  


Check out and shop Men’s and Women’s versions of the Hoka One One Clayton exclusively at JackRabbit.com!