Melanie Mitchell | May 3, 2021

Jackalope 3.0 What is a Jackalope? Gifted with the speed of a jackrabbit and the endurance of an antelope, the Jackalope is every runner’s dream animal. Capable of tackling any distance with ease, the mythical Jackalope should inspire any runner to lace up their shoes and go! This year we see another design collab with Saucony to allow runners to experience the Jackalope. The limited-edition Jackalope 3.0 Pack is a collection of top Saucony styles reimagined for JackRabbit with a retro-minimalist flair. Once again we had the chance to sit down with Saucony Footwear Designer, Moira Cunningham, the color and trend lead, and ask her about the style and color inspirations for the JackRabbit x Saucony Jackalope 3.0.
Jackalope 3.0 Coming Soon
Saucony Jackalope 3.0 Freedom 4 Ride 14

You reference maximalism, nostalgia, optimism and childlike joy as design inspiration for the Jackalope 3.0 pack paired with minimalism and simplicity. These are two opposites coming together and represent much what we have experienced in 2020. After a challenging year, this brings an uplifting and confident outlook. Tell us more about the design inspiration.

The inspiration for Jackalope 3.0 is primarily centered around nostalgia, rooted in a longing for simpler joys from childhood. We saw this in the past year as jigsaw puzzles, crafts, and outdoor activities rose dramatically in popularity.

The world retreated to a more jovial mindset, choosing to be bravely optimistic and live in the moment as a form of escapism. People wanted to remember what it felt like to have not a care in the world.

Saucony Jackalope 3.0 Peregine and Ride

The JackRabbit X Saucony collaboration is all about fun, classics and nostalgia.  Tell us more about the ‘Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit’ theme and how you incorporate the repetition of this theme.

The theme for Jackalope 3.0 is “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” – a superstition where this phrase is said aloud when you wake up on the first of a month to bring yourself good luck for the rest of it. Other folklore variations are said to ward off smoke from blowing in your face around campfires.

In the 90s, Nickelodeon promoted the superstition by naming the last day of each month “Rabbit Rabbit Day” to remind viewers to repeat the phrase the next morning.

Saucony Jackalope 3.0 Endorphin

The colors for the 3.0 collection draw on minimalism to the most vibrant.  How have you combined these two opposites into the collection and how do they work together?

Because of the tie to Nickelodeon and the idea of recent-past nostalgia, the 90s inspired the colors of this palette, with Lipstick Red and Nickelodeon Orange pops paired with a neutral Beige Bunny base.

I wanted to build a color clash into the mix, with a red/pink theme for women and red/orange for men, because fashion risks are what made 90s style fun and interesting.

Final touches of Deep Teal complement and cool down the palette, and also are a nod to the popularity of teal in the 90s.

Saucony Jackalope 3.0 Triumph 19

This is the third Jackalope collection with JackRabbit. How are you continuing to develop and refine the Jackalope collection? What inspires you to keep this dynamic partnership fresh and new?

Each collection is always guided by a light-hearted outlook, folklore, and imagination. As the Jackalope is a mythical creature, I always want to incorporate a magical or mysterious element, and this time the story is about superstition and luck.

There are endless possibilities for future Jackalope iterations since there are no impossibilities when it comes to imagination.

Hopefully the “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” tradition will find its way into our runners’ list of routines!

As ever, we love to know how you keep tapping into the new and the bold for each seasons’ trends.  How do you think the last twelve months will shape design in the present and in the future? What stories will our running shoes share as we move into the new collection?

The last 12 months have been interesting because divergent forces are at play. In some regard, we are referring to the past for insight into and guidance for the future. The relative simplicity of the recent past feels attainable, and we build upon retro wisdom to inform current trend.

At the same time, the speed of innovation has reacted exponentially in a short amount of time, so the progress in style, technology, and thought has been incredible. This has allowed formerly disparate ideas to synthesize and create a whole new world of fusion.

Jackalope 3.0 Coming Soon