Melanie Mitchell | April 23, 2018

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If you really want to give that special runner in your life (particularly yourself) the ultimate post-run comfort and bliss, any pair of Oofos is sure to do the trick.  Every time we witness someone slide them on for the first time, the reaction is always the same - OOOOOOOOOH.  No other words necessary.

Need More Guidance? Come Get Fitted!

Oofos Running Recovery Sandals and Slides

Oofos running recovery sandals have a technology and comfort unlike any others. Oofos recovery shoes and sandals are specifically engineered footwear for men and women to support the recovery process of runners' feet featuring superior arch support and heel cushioning.

The special OOfoam in the insoles provides 37% more shock absorption than any other materials found in other footwear. This translates to giving the feet and your body relief from the effects of running. Looking for an endorsement, just try a pair and talk to your feet afterwards! They'll be saying 'ooah' at you!.

Any runner knows the post-run recovery is a key part of becoming a better runner. If you treat your feet well, they will treat you better on your next run. Slipping your feet into a pair of Oofos post-run, ride or any type of training for that matter, gives your feet (and everything else connected to them) the chance to start the recovery process if sitting on the couch with your feet elevated is not an option. Is that an option for any runner???

We have a whole variety of Oofos for you to choose from at JackRabbit: the Ooriginal Sport, the Oolala ladies only recovery flip thong, and the Ooah Recovery Slide in a variety of colors from black to the latest colors of the season. Are you ready to reinvigorate your feet, so you're ready take on tomorrow!