NYC Marathon Training Program, Central Park

Join us as we train for the nation's premiere road race - The New York City Marathon! The twice weekly group workouts will focus on honing your existing running skills - accurate pacing and increased endurance. Distance running strategies will be covered in addition to nutrition, hydration, running gear, staying healthy and their unique role in a race of this length and duration. This program is geared toward the individual who has a solid running base and can run 6 miles continuously at an 11 minute per mile pace or under by the start of the program.


We will meet twice per week as a group on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Our Saturday morning workouts will be geared toward endurance and increasing our weekly mileage with our longest run being two 20 milers. Our first weekend workout will be approximatey 60 minutes and will increase up to 4+ hours for our longest runs. Our Thursday evening workouts will be 60 minutes throughout the program and be tempo/speed based. In addition to our twice-weekly group workouts, this program offers an online training component that includes suggested between class “homework” and additional resources, so that we are guiding you for every day of the 16 weeks. Throughout the season, we’ll host several workshops (nutrition, injury care and prevention, etc.) to round out your knowledge base, and your coach will also review fueling/hydration techniques, running gear, and other pertinent topics.

Additional Workshops included with your participation in the program:

-  Injury Care & Prevention Workshop

-  Endurance Nutrition Workshop

-  All program participants will receive 15% Off all in-store purchases for the duration of the program.


Fee:  $345,   Early Bird Registration $325 (early registration discount ends June 14th)

When/Where:  Every [email protected]:45pm and [email protected]:30am from July 19th through November 4th.  Workouts will begin at the gold statue/fountain (USS Maine National Monument) near the SW entrance to Central Park.  Bag Watch will be an option for both Thursday and Saturday workouts at our Time Warner Center store.

Coach:  Jonathan Cane

**Program registration does not include race registration.

Coach Jonathan:  This will be Coach Cane's 11th year leading JackRabbit's NYC Marathon training program.  He brings with him a wealth of coaching experience, a true understanding of how to train to get you to the starting line healthy, as well as a tremendous sense of humor.