PEAR Mobile Training Intelligence System

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PEAR Mobile Training Intelligence System

Unisex Training System

By calibrating to your body and understanding your goals, the PEAR system goes beyond simple tracking and coaches you in real time through your smartphone, keeping you on track and motivating you along the way.

Pear Training Intelligence uses the advanced Bluetooth® heart rate monitor to measure your body’s response to a workout and provides real-time audio coaching through the Pear Stride earphones to ensure that you train at the right intensity.

Product Details

Benefits Include:

  • Five narrow heart rate zones, helps you dial in the intensity of your workouts very precisely to get the maximum intended benefit
  • PEAR guides you step by step, telling you when to speed up or slow down, provides useful tips to improve your form, explains the purpose and benefits of the workout, and keeps motivating you
  • PEAR will coach you from start to finish, telling you exactly what to do. PEAR will also deliver real-time stats like time, distance, heart rate, current zone, pace, calories burned, and more, with the simple touch of a button
  • Pear Stride Earphones feature the exclusive Earlock by Surefire Retention System used by Special Forces
  • Unique workouts and training plans from world-class coaches
  • Don't forget, you can also listen to your favorite music through your phone music library or other third party music apps

PEAR Mobile Training Intelligence System