JackRabbit Partners with TrackGirlz Offering Grants In 2021

A group of women athletes participating in the TrackGirlz program

JackRabbit Partners with TrackGirlz Offering Grants In 2021

JackRabbit Partners with TrackGirlz Offering Grants In 2021

Denver, CO — March 8th, 2021

Specialty running retailer JackRabbit announces a 2021 grant program with TrackGirlz to offer support and celebrate the leadership of girls in track and field.

With a commitment to supporting the running community in all its forms and in an effort to increase girls' access to running and track and field, JackRabbit is partnering with TrackGirlz to create a three-part grant program for girls within the track community. Created in 2015 by Track &Field Olympian Mechelle Freeman, TrackGirlz is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that works to help girls reach their full potential through track and field.

“Running can be a life-long journey, and one that keeps giving back. Having opportunities and role models in the formative years can be game-changing for girls. With this in mind we are proud at JackRabbit to be offering grant funding to TrackGirlz to further their mission of supporting the next generation of strong, female athletes in track and field,” comments Melanie Mitchell, Senior Director of Brand Marketing at JackRabbit

Participation in track and field can enable long-term mental, physical, and social wellbeing for girls. The hope is that through the TrackGirlz grant program, girls utilize the effectiveness of their track and field experiences to positively influence their everyday choices, and will move on to become a positive influence for the next generation of girls.

“Our goal is to ensure we use sisterhood, empowerment, and track and field as a gateway for girls to discover, embrace, and develop their authenticity. We focus on removing barriers, and equip girls with the methods and tools to allow them to be successful in track and field and life,” says Mechelle Freeman, founder of TrackGirlz.

Track & Field is one of the most diverse and inclusive sports for women, appealing to various ethnicities, body types, and athletes with physical disabilities, but according to research conducted by the Women’s Sports Foundation, by the age of 14, girls drop out of sports twice as often as boys for factors such as social stigma, lack of access, safety and transportation issues, costs, and lack of positive role models.


TrackGirlz Grassroots Youth Grant
Enrollment Period: February 1st - December 2021
Who: Girls, ages 5-18

TrackGirlz grassroots youth grant program was created to support girls ages 5-18 who have demonstrated a commitment to athletic development and expressed a financial need. This grant was designed to help provide access to track and field at the local level through run and track clubs. This grant can be applied to track club membership fees, uniform costs, and any related travel costs incurred while participating in the approved sports team for that approved season. This grant also covers training equipment to support girls training at home due to COVID-19.

Through this exposure to movement, sport, and community, we aim to inspire their interest to participate in track and field throughout middle and high school, and at the collegiate level. A coach can also apply for this grant, representing a track/run club financial need for girls in their program(s).

TrackGirlz LeadHERship Grant

Enrollment Period: February 1, 2021 - March 19, 2021
Who: High School Graduating Seniors/Collegiate Women
Application Due: March 19, 2021
Review Period: March 19, 2021 - April 16
Award Date: April 26, 2021

The LeadHERship Grant is an opportunity for high school seniors and collegiate women to demonstrate the impact of a leader who has positively impacted their ability to thrive in life through track and field. Applicants can also choose to highlight themselves, if they have made an effort to help forge a path for girls in track and field through their actions or can construct a plan to forge that path in the future.

TrackGirlz Workshop/Events Grants

Enrollment Period: Ongoing through December 2021
Who: Middle and High School Girls

This grant is awarded to cover registration fees for middle and high school girls to attend TrackGirlz workshopz and events at no cost to them. Events can include: Quarterly Empowerment Workshopz featuring Olympians, elite athletes, and industry experts to provide mentorship, education and personal development tools, and track and field instruction.

Virtual Speed Series - Online speed and conditioning program and race Summer/Winter LeadHERship Camp - a week of sisterhood, empowerment, and track and field.


Headquartered in Denver, Co., JackRabbit is a leading omni-channel specialty running retailer in the United States focused on delivering products and solutions that serve the needs of the active and running community. They are part of the Running Specialty Group of companies under Critical Point Capital. There are now 57 JackRabbit and JackRabbit-affiliated stores. JackRabbit is a fitness retailer rooting in running. Their customers and our employees come from all walks of life, and share the value of making a fit lifestyle fun. In addition to carrying the latest premium fitness products, they offer things like training programs and free fit analysis services. Connecting with people who are passionate about living an active lifestyle is what they value most.


Led by Olympic Sprinter, Mechelle Lewis Freeman and Wellness Coach, Jennifer Forrester, TrackGirlz is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to provide girls access to mentorship, education, and sport through track and field. Their programs and events provide direct interaction with track and field world-class female role models, including Olympians and elite coaches, using a sport proven to have health, educational, and social benefits for girls.


JackRabbit: Melanie Mitchell, Senior Director of Brand Marketing: mmitchell@jackrabbit.com
TrackGirlz: Mechellle Lewis Freeman, Founder: mechellelfreeman@gmail.com

JackRabbit: https://www.jackrabbit.com/
TrackGirlz: https://trackgirlz.com/
TrackGirlz Grant Program Application: https://trackgirlz.com/grants/