Run Gum - 2 Pieces

Run Gum - 2 Pieces

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Run Gum - Pack of 12

Running Nutrition

Designed by a 2-time olympian and biochemist, Run Gum was created with the endurance athlete and runner in mind. Run Gum gives you the benefits of nutrition, but without having food slowing you down. One piece increases energy, mental focus and recovery.

Product Details

Benefits Include:

  • Run Gum uses scientifically recognized methods of sublingual and buccal absorption to quickly release the proprietary blend of active ingredients into your system.
  • 5 minutes of chewing can maximize your results.
  • Sugar-free, zero calorie.


  • Ingredients: Isomalt, Gum Base, Maltitol, Sorbital, Xylitol, Natural and artificial flavors, Caffeine, Magnesium stearate, Proprietrary blend (Taurine, Vitamin B12 as Cyanocobalamin, Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine HCI), Silicon Dioxide, Sucralose, Food starch, Carnauba wax, Titanium dioxide, Confectioner's glaze.
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