Theragun Waveroller

Theragun Waveroller


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The Wave Roller is constructed to deliver the most powerful and efficient foam rolling experience. This smart vibrating foam roller is Bluetooth® enabled with five intensity settings, which allow you to tailor both your warm-up and recovery conveniently from your mobile device with the Therabody app.

Benefits Include:

    Specially designed wave grooves maximize traction across 12 inches of high-density PU foam for a smooth, quiet roll and just the right amount of pressure.
  • Asymmetrical, wave-shaped grooves covering the Wave Roller’s surface provide the texture and traction needed to apply pressure across areas of the body with varying surface areas. So whether you’re digging deep into your hip or rolling out your low back, you’re getting the relief you need.
  • Whether you’re an avid foam roller or looking to round out your recovery routine, you need versatile ways to meet your body's needs as they evolve day to day. So, we combined the therapeutic benefits of a foam roller and vibration therapy with high performance materials and Bluetooth connectivity for a smart, customized foam rolling experience.