Theragun G3PRO

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Theragun G3PRO

Unisex Accessories

Designed for professionals. Made for everybody. Manage soreness, recover faster, and achieve total pain relief with the G3PRO massager that provides premium and all-encompassing relaxation. Plus, our proprietary gear box has been newly designed to muffle the G3PRO's powerful motor, resulting in a 50% decrease in sound. With a rotating arm and ergonomic design, plus a battery life lasting 75 minutes per battery (two rechargable batteries included for continuous battery life), your body's wellness will reach its peak. includes Adjustable Arm for a Full-Body Reach; 16mm amplitude; 2-Speed Functionality


    • Total body recovery in 15 minutes
    • Reach 90% of the body with the rotating arm and ergonomic hand for full body recovery
    • Accelerate warmup and recovery by targeting each muscle group for 15 seconds
    • Target each muscle group for 2 minutes to decrease post-workout soreness
    • Prevents and breaks up adhesions
    • Improves muscle coordination and mobility to prevent injury.
    • Natural, pill-free pain relief
    • Relieves muscle spasms and replenishes energy through more hydrated muscles
    • Better sleep; Promotes better posture and body awareness
    • Relieves body soreness from travel and jetlag
    • Replaces stretching in your daily routine.
  • PAIN:
    • 2,400 RPMs for pain relief
    • Releases knots and can withstand up to 60lbs of pressure
    • 16mm of amplitude allows for deeper muscle treatment
    • 2 speeds for unique treatment and different pain thresholds
    • Promotes overall range of motion
    • 6 physician-designed attachments for targeted muscle treatment

Included with Purchase:

  • Travel Case with 2 Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Atachment Pouch with Lithium-ion Battery Charger
  • Attachments:
    • Dampener for tender areas or near bones
    • Large Ball for large muscle groups
    • Standard Ball for overall use
    • Wedge for scraping, shoulder blades or IT bands
    • Thumb for lower back and trigger point therapy
    • Cone to pinpoint muscle treatment


  • Style: 9019.10.20.10