Wahoo TICKR FIT Optical Heart Rate Monitor Armband

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Wahoo TICKR FIT Optical Heart Rate Monitor Armband

Unisex Accessories

Just because technology moves at lightning speed doesn’t mean your go-to fitness technology should become another “outdated” addition to the recycling pile. If the tools you currently use don’t provide optical heart rate and you’re tired of wetting down and donning the old chest strap everytime you go hit the gym or pavement—or, even worse, you’re just blindly guesstimating your training intensity/heart rate zone—it’s time to put a little oomph back into your workout with the Wahoo TICKR FIT. Worn right on your forearm and designed to connect to both ANT+ and Bluetooth technology, TICKR FIT delivers accurate heart rate and calorie burn right to your smartphone, GPS watch, Apple TV, tablet and more using one of nine popular apps! Whether you own a classic GPS watch or just rely on more simple fitness technology, TICKR FIT will revamp your workouts in a way that won’t squeeze your chest….or your wallet!


  • Wears comfortably on your forearm right below your elbow to provide both an accurate heart rate AND calorie burn so you know exactly how you rate
  • Stays puts regardless of how intensely you run, lift, jump, or push yourself, using an adjustable band for a snug, yet comfy fit that doesn’t chafe your skin
  • User-friendly LED lights alert you that TICKR FIT is paired to your ANT+ or Bluetooth device, such as smartphones, tablets, GPS watches, Wahoo ELEMNT bike computer or Apple TV
  • Pairs with popular fitness and calorie tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal, Strava, Trainer Road, MapMyFitness, RunFit, Nike, Wahoo and Elemnt Companion
  • Use for a month or more with the 30+ hour battery, then simply recharge for another month-plus of workouts
  • The water-resistant design withstands a little unexpected rain, so you don’t have to sweat the unexpected splash
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android technology (via downloadable apps)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does optical heart rate work?

Fairly new to the fitness and health scene, optical heart rate uses light to measure your pulse at your wrist or below your elbow versus wearing a chest strap. While the chest strap is still considered “gold standard” in terms of heart rate monitoring, many athletes and fitness enthusiasts find wearing what’s akin to a sweaty belt around their chest to be bothersome, preferring the comfort of forearm heart rate monitors like TICKR FIT over the slight differential in accuracy.

All I have and currently use for workouts is my smartphone. Will that work?

Absolutely. Just download a compatible app such as MyFitnessPal or the Wahoo App to see heart rate and calorie data right on your smartphone screen.

Can I swim with TICKR FIT?

Yes. TICKR FIT is IPX7 compliant, so you can pair it with a chest strap designed to read underwater heart rate. Note that your underwater heart rate will be accessible AFTER you exit the water.