Women's On Cloudsurfer Running Shoes

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On Cloudsurfer

Women's Running Shoe

The Cloudsurfer by On Running introduces some exciting new technology to the world of running shoes. On uses Cloud technology to deliver a concept unlike anything else on the market today. The idea is simple- when running, one experiences both vertical and horizontal impact. Traditional running shoes absorb only vertical impact from striking the ground, while On's cushioning "Cloud" circular rubber banded technology absorbs both vertical and horizontal shock from forward movement which cause muscle damage and pain.

Product Details:

Best For:

  • The Cloudsurfer is intended more of a lightweight trainer
  • Suitable for everyday training but geared more toward faster running or racing

How Cloud Technology Works:

  • CloudTec utilizes a simple, highly functional cushioning system- a piece of circular rubber which absorbs both vertical and horizontal impact forces from running. As the foot hits the ground with forward momentum, the CloudTec element folds back, effectively allowing the foot to glide to a softer halt. After landing, the element is compressed by the weight of the runner, locks together and is fully firm for the push-off.
  • CloudTec allows you to run light, fast, and pain free thanks to the cloud pods on the outsole. These pods absorb shock and provide cushioning when landing by compressing, and spring back for a firm pushoff. These clouds slow down impact forces rather than simply compress like other cushioning systems.
  • A new approach to stability- By activating your muscles, the Cloudsurfer enables you to stabilize and control your foot strike naturally without any added stability.
  • CloudTec intelligent cushioning technology allows for a minimalistic, lightweight construction along with a low heel to toe drop allowing you to be closer to the ground with excellent torsional flex in the midfoot.


Heel-to-Toe Offset:  7 mm

Weight: 9.2 oz