Zwift Membership Card

Zwift Membership Card

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Zwift Membership Card

Cyclists don't want to be indoors; however, due to time or weather it's a necessary component of your training. But, it doesn't have to be boring. The Zwift Membership Card makes indoor training fun. Zwift is a multiplayer, online-cycling game that allows you to compete in a virtual world with other cyclists seeking enthusiasm when they can't hit the real road. Riders from all over the globe interact, train and compete in an entertaining adventure that takes the boredom out of staying home. All you need to enjoy the ride is a smart trainer or any trainer/rollers with a bike equipped with ANT+ or a BLE power meter. Bikes with speed and cadence sensors are also compatible. Use your newer PC or Mac computer, compatible iOS device, AppleTV or an ANT+/BLE dongle and you can ride routes inspired by locations such as Central London, the 2015 road World Championship course in Richmond, Virginia, or the virtual Zwift world of Watopia. Test the waters with a three-month Zwift Membership or pedal on for a whole year.


  • When the weather or time forces you to stay indoors, train virtually
  • Use TrainingPeaks or Zwift workouts to get fit indoor
  • Race against riders from all over the world on actual courses
  • Train solo or jump on a group ride
  • By using a smart trainer, hills and workouts receive increased resistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Zwift is a multiplayer, online game requiring a high-speed Internet connection to interact with other riders seeking fun and competition to enhance indoor training. We recommend bandwidth of 3Mbps or higher with a ping of under 50ms. Needs vary based on your home network traffic (it's slowed by simultaneous video and music streaming, etc.) and your connection consistency/signal strength. Test your Internet speed at against a server on the US west coast (where Zwift servers are located) to get an idea of what to expect when you train with Zwift.

Nope! Zwift reads from sensors such as speed, cadence, power meters or smart trainers. We recommend using the Zwift companion app for iOS and Android devices, which perform the same functions and work as game controllers. If you decide to use a bike computer, please note that the speed/distance on your bike computer will be different from what's shown in Zwift. The two will rarely, if ever, match up.

Going cordless is usually a good thing; however, we don't recommend using AirPlay or Chromecast to stream Zwift from your computer or mobile device to your TV. Video games tend to lag when streamed; AirPlay and Chromecast are intended for photos and videos but not ideal for gaming. To avoid choppy video while training with Zwift, use an appropriate video cable (HDMI, DVI, etc.) to connect your device to an external display.

No. Zwift is working hard toward a version compatible with Android. However, it is compatible with most newer PC, Mac and iOS devices along with Apple TV. If you're using Zwift on one of those devices, the Zwift Companion app for Android can be used in tandem for the full Zwift experience.

It's a bummer, but the club jersey program is currently on hold. The popularity of the game created an overwhelming demand and Zwift is currently concentrating on improving user experience. We don't have an exact date, but we plan to restart the program in the future once we can ensure all riders can access this fun benefit, which pushes Zwift beyond the usual interactive online game.

If you have a Training Peak account, simply connect it to Zwift. This enables your Zwift rides to automatically match your planned cycling workout for that day. On days where you have two planned workouts, it matches to the earlier of the two.